I found this book to me after my husband died. He was an ugly person - a narcissist- who was cruel and and died from Stage IV Colon Cancer. I only stayed with him to honor my vows. I had been trying to exit. He had gone to this therapist with a message: “I want you to fix my wife. She won’t do what I want her to do”.

Over the next three years the level of degradation increased until finally he was holding me at bay outside of our bedroom with a rifle and no way to escape. He had even taken the phone.

I was angry at God. I lost my physical and mental health. I lost my ability to work. I lost my home. The emotional and physical abuse was too devastating to make a full recovery in terms that would allow me to continue on with my life as I had once known. My life experience was devastating and I am now in assisted living making the best life for myself knowing that it was God who walked with me through this horrible time. He was not punishing me for any past transgressions. He was walking with me and it was after reading this book that I broke down realizing that He had been with me all along. And, interestingly enough, that’s what led me to buying my first book of yours, “Abraham”.

Every time I write about Rabbi Kushner and this book I start crying. I’m starting to cry right now writing this. This is how impactful “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” has been in transformational in turning my hurt and anger towards a situation I could not change into empowerment to help other people facing difficult times.

It’s the only book I recommend to people facing loss. I tell them to buy it. They don’t even need to pick it up until a later time.

I thanked Rabbi Kushner in my heart more times that I can remember for the beautiful gift he gave me. He freed my soul.

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Thank you for sharing this.

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