Bruce, Your written word tugs at my heart. I am excited to read your new book. As I traveled vicariously through Where God Was Born I knew there was a discovery I could find no where else…a writer who excites and calms, reflects on life and and lives a dream. I am excited about reading your new book. Thank you for every word you write.

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Bruce, I am eager to read your new book. Just prior to COVID I expanded my strategic narrative work with global companies to individuals (ranging from 27 - 67).

The transference of working on several Future of Work companies to executives in need or reframing their direction and ambition was similar in execution.

I am now 50+ companies and 50+ executives later. What I learned is that individuals, like companies that try to solve their own paths forward can’t do it objectively. They need a third party to help them break out of their repetitive cycles.

The glaring thing I see is the gap between want and need. You are effectively creating a new ‘S curve’ as a person entering a new phase of life/career. Those who ‘want’ come with a growth mindset. Those who ‘need’ come with a place of defensiveness that becomes a constraint for breaking old habits or prior identities.

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